Betty Gatlin first learned to fish on a farm outside Claremore. She and her father, who ran the farm, would go out to the ponds almost every evening after a hard day’s work. “There were catfish and we’d catch perch and bass too,” Betty remembers. “He taught me everything I know. Early on, he said if I couldn’t bait the hook or take them off the hook, I couldn’t fish.” Betty and her father continued their angling ways through his later years, eating breakfast every Saturday morning and throwing casts in the afternoon. “It’s always been a great way for me to relax,” she says. After retiring, she and Carroll moved to Hot Springs Village where he golfed at least four times a week in front of the house and she’d spend the evenings on the dock behind.
The Gatlin’s have enjoyed retirement since finishing up their careers. “I decided that I wouldn’t wear a suit ever again after I retired unless I was headed to a wedding or a funeral,” Carroll notes. Growing up in Coffeeville working on farms outside town, his daily attire consisted of blue jeans. “I started hauling hay in the 7th grade at night because it was too hot during the day. I did whatever they needed me to do, whether that was moving rocks or hay or emptying out grain silos,” he recalls. After
graduating high school, Carroll served in the Army before coming to Tulsa to work for the city. As one of his jobs, Carroll took on assignments as a bodyguard. Amazingly enough, he worked with all the presidents aside from Bill Clinton and drove George Wallace around Tulsa when he was a candidate. He also spent a few days with the Mayor of Jerusalem while he was in town and guarded Elvis Presley nearly every time he played a show here. “He really was a nice guy,” Carroll noted about The King of Rock.
When he was guarding Bob Phillips of Phillips Petroleum, Carroll also filled another opening at Bob’s ranch south of town working with the horses. He grew up helping with his grandfather’s horses and it was a good way for him to unwind at the end of the day. Carroll and Betty and their four children also had their own ranch with horses at one time where they raised Palomino Quarter Horses. “It was a really great time for us and the kids,” they reminisced.
Since moving to Country Club, Carroll has been working his way through their paperback collection at considerable pace and Betty has enjoyed working with her flowers. “It was a transition coming from our home but we are glad to be here,” says Carroll. We are so grateful they have chosen Country Club.

If you are searching for quality continuing care retirement communities, or assisted living South Tulsa, contact us here for information about our senior housing communities.

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For a glimpse into life at Country Club of Woodland Hills retirement facilities, contact us here to schedule a tour of our independent living facilities and active adult communities.

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The 24th of this month will mark eight years that Employee of the Month Marion Burch has been on the team at Country Club. Dining Manager, Josh Ellard described all of our feelings well: “Marion is one of the most punctual and reliable people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She brings a lot of joy to our community.”
A native of the Tulsa area, Marion has a lot of family in town. “I have my family here at Country Club and I have my family at home too,” she noted. Marion is proud of her four kids and ten grandkids. “We love being together as a family. We all go to the park to play volleyball or basketball but most of them are much taller than me now,” she said. In addition to sports, she has a tradition of spending time doing puzzles with her grandkids. “When they got a certain age, I’d give each one a puzzle for us to work on. I get the simple kind but just get them motivated looking at shapes and sizes.”
Marion has always been close to seniors as well. “I always helped take care of my grandparents and now my mom is 85 and she does well but just needs a hand with a few things.” Marion is caring and attentive to the needs of all around her. We are so glad to have her on board at CCWH!

To schedule a tour with us to discover more about continuing care retirement communities in the Tulsa area or luxury senior living at a retirement community, contact us here.

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Simultaneously delicious and full of nutrients, making smoothies or, even better, juicing fresh vegetables and fruits can offer an easy way to boost your health, especially for seniors. Even if you tend to turn your nose up when it comes to eating a stalk of broccoli, you may just find that veggies and fruits are more palatable in smoothie form! Here are some of the best foods to include in your smoothies and fresh juices, alongside of an explanation of the benefits of each.

  • Grapes, Blackcurrant, apple: These three provide a healthy dose of Vitamin C and E. These vitamins fight signs of aging by providing antioxidants.
  • Cucumber, cabbage, carrots: To prevent anaemia, this combination provides you with a healthy dose of iron.
  • Carrots, Garlic, parsley: Colds and similar viruses spread like wildfire. Prevent them with a juice made of these three veggies… although your breath may smell garlicky for a little while afterwards!
  • Pineapple, yogurt: To promote healthy digestion, yogurt and pineapple can help restore the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut.
  • Cranberries, Watermelon: Fight off urinary infections with this powerhouse of a juice!
  • Leeks, apples, ginger: When joints get inflamed, try this combination. Leeks have anti-inflammatory properties while ginger improves circulation.
  • Apples, spinach: The bright green color of the spinach may deter some people, but the levels of potassium it contains can help regulate blood pressure.

We hope that you get the chance to try some of these ideas, and maybe even try your own combination. Nutrition plays an important part of overall health and this may provide you with a novel way to introduce fresh foods into your diet. If you would like to find out more about how Country Club of Woodland Hills retirement community can help you improve your nutrition in addition to many other areas of your retirement living, contact us at (918)252-5451 or at

Finding luxury retirement communities and assisted living Tulsa communities is made easier with Country Club of Woodland Hills. Click to learn more about our assisted living Broken Arrow community.

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Most everyone remembers the teacher who brought out the best in them. Teaching is noble pursuit which requires a heavy dose of love, patience, compassion, passion and skill. Among the many great people at Country Club are a number of great retired teachers. Let’s take a moment to learn a bit more about the lives and careers of two such educators. If you see these or other educators around our community, be sure to give them a pat on the back and a “Thank You” for the work that they’ve done to promote the cause of learning.

Florene Hachenberg – Elementary Teacher

How did you know you wanted to be a teacher? I came from a family of teachers and I really felt like I wanted to do the same after working with the little ones at my hometown church in Goltry (OK). They were just so precious and they adored everything that I did and gave so many hugs. I just took to it. I went to Alva where they had a teacher’s college. That’s where I met my husband, Dean I was there for 4 years and went back later to get my MA. I still hold two life certificates for teaching elementary and secondary school in Oklahoma. And Dean spent some of his career as a Superintendent and sometimes he was my boss but we got along just fine.

What did you teach primarily? I enjoyed the 1st grade the most. With little ones you could tell that they were learning and you could see it in their eyes. I always followed the book closely but would work with them individually at their own pace for math and reading. I always tried to make things fun.

Any fun memories? There was never a dull day. When we came home, the question was always: “What did the kids do today?” One of my memories was on a real snowy day. One little boy came back from playing outside crying with a bloody face and I asked where he was hurt. He said he wasn’t hurt but that he had lost his tooth in the snow and he just had to find it so that he could leave it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. So I went to the Principal and had him write a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining why he didn’t have his tooth. He was so happy the next day when he came back to tell us his winged friend left him some money.

Virginia Reedy – College English Professor

How did you know you wanted to be a teacher? Well, I was one that always played ‘school’ when I was little…you know, with the blackboard and dolls and everything. Then when my husband started at Spartan in Tulsa, I took a semester at TU before babies came. We had 3 in less than 3 years. And when our youngest was old enough, Tom encouraged me to go back on a National Defense Education Loan and I finished after a slow but steady 6 years at TU.

What did you teach primarily? My first job was teaching English at Nimitz Jr. High and then later I taught at Central HS. I was at public school for 8 years before I had the opportunity to go to Tarrant County College in Hurst, Texas. I learned pretty quickly that I was a lot better teaching adults than kids. School was very serious to me and I was a stern, exacting teacher so the college suited me. I loved teaching people in their 30s, 40s and even 60s. My favorite thing to teach was World Lit where we covered ancient Hebrew, Greek and Roman. I loved being an educator and the adults that I taught had such enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and that’s what drove me.

Any interesting memories? For me, learning was a serious thing. When I was teaching at Central in the 60s, I had my first experience with integration. I had a few black students who came to my class and one young lady who was especially beautiful and smart. I was so thankful that my experience was without incident with all that was going on at the time. But for me, they were just my students and I think the students as a whole caught on to that focus on learning.

Our senior retirement homes have so much to offer you. Click here for more information, including information about assisted living Jenks in our exceptional adult community.

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Social activities and events abound at Country Club of Woodland Hills.  Watch our video below to see how retirement living at Country Club gives you plenty of social opportunities.






At Country Club of Woodland Hills, we believe that a retirement community should be held to the highest standards. Learn about how our independent living facilities and assisted living could be your best choice, click here.

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We are pleased to name Travis the Employee of the Month for May. Many residents know him as the leader of ceremonies for the singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ in the Dining Room. “I just love helping to make people feel special on their birthday,” Travis noted. “Everybody knows that when I clap my hands, its somebody’s birthday. I think of our residents as my own grandma or grandpa.” Behind the scenes, Travis has an incredible work ethic and is always willing and able to pick up new skills from Executive Chef, Jay Workman and other staff. “Before coming here four years ago, I hadn’t worked in a restaurant but I really enjoyed it from the beginning because of the people here. The staff has been so helpful to me and the residents are also so encouraging. I just love it here,” he added.
Born and raised in Tulsa, Travis graduated from Nathan Hale High School. He grew up hanging out at B.C. Franklin Park where he learned to play Chess. “I actually still play as much as I can. These days it’s mostly on my phone but the computer is a little slow for me,” he said with a smile. Travis is has also been into weightlifting for quite a few years and regularly goes to Planet Fitness with fellow chefs Robby and Anthony.

Looking to learn more about Assisted Living Bixby? Contact us here to find how we can help you look for senior housing communities or retirement facilities.

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As people age, it becomes more common that they will choose to move, whether houses or even cities. The draw to move comes from several different motivators, some of the happier motivators being choosing to live closer to grandchildren or other family members, or the more challenging motivators, such as coming to the realization that a beloved home is simply too much work to maintain. In any situation, there are many challenges, especially psychologically, to overcome as the transition is made, thanks to Here are some common stumbling blocks, as well as some ways to help.

  • But the house is like ‘part of the family!’ For many seniors, especially those who have lived in the same house for many years, there is a sentimental connection with the home. As the question comes about whether or not to make a move, for those who have the memories of their children growing up in the house, or the memories of a life together with a beloved spouse intensifies the connection felt. This connection is normal, and very common. It is okay to love your house, and it is also okay to move on. The act of moving itself does not erase the many happy memories.
  • It is too much work to move. The thought of packing up all the belongings in your house can be daunting. Looking around at the many items collected over the years and choosing which to donate, throw away, or bring along can be frustrating and overwhelming. To help with this first step in the process, certain companies specializing in downsizing homes have found that it can be helpful to first choose where to go and what to bring with you, and even move in to your new home before returning to clear out the house and sell it. By dealing with all the things left in the house after the initial move, the process can be made much easier!
  • I am comfortable enough here – why should I go someplace unfamiliar? This protest is also a common one, and one that has a somewhat simple answer: as long as you or your loved one is being cared for and is not in any sort of danger, it is ultimately your choice to move or not move! However, it should be noted that if you recognize that there could be benefit to moving, it is worth a second look. Although a new home may not be familiar, there can be many benefits in the end, making the move worth it.

With these tips, we hope that some of the thoughts behind moving as a senior can be identified a little bit clearer for you or your loved one. Exploring your options for moving, even before making a final decision to move, can be incredibly beneficial to help envision and prepare ahead of time. Country Club of Woodland Hills retirement community offers tours of our retirement communities to give you a glimpse of life at our community. Connect with us at or by calling us at (918)252-5451

If you believe you or your loved one is ready to begin looking at assisted living facilities, contact us here to learn about luxury senior living and assisted living Tulsa.

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A Conversation with Mary Wolff, Cardinals Fanatic.

How did this love for Cardinals baseball start? My father, long before he ever knew I’d live in St. Louis, would sit around with the fellas in Nebraska and talk about the team. Then, when I got married, my husband was a big Browns fan and he went into mourning when the Browns left St. Louis but he still never cheered for the Cardinals. I think that may have spurred me on to be an even bigger fan.
Have you been to many games? Oh, of course! I went as a kid and then when my kids were in school, they used to get “Straight A Tickets” which were free tickets that they gave out to kids with good grades. I think it was a genius move by the franchise because my kids are still die-hard fans today because of their experiences at those games. Also, the company I worked for while my husband was in grad school held a large amount of stock in Busch Beer and if we bought tickets through them, we could leave work for an afternoon game on a workday.
Favorite player? Stan Musial was a big star. There has never been another one like Stan. And he was more than just a great player on the field. I heard stories from friends who lived next door to him before he made it big and also in the paper about how he was a great man.
How is the team looking this year? They are going to do well this season. They’re not red hot at the moment but they could get there with the team they’ve put together.

If you are looking to learn more about assisted living Jenks active adult communities, we can help! At Country Club of Woodland Hills we offer exceptional options for your retirement living. Contact us today!

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Country Club of Woodland Hills is full of fun activities everyday – watch our video below to see some of the recent highlights of our community activities.






Contact us here to discover all you need to know about adult communities or luxury retirement communities, including information about assisted living Broken Arrow.

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