Social activities and events abound at Country Club of Woodland Hills.  Watch our video below to see how retirement living at Country Club gives you plenty of social opportunities.






At Country Club of Woodland Hills, we believe that a retirement community should be held to the highest standards. Learn about how our independent living facilities and assisted living could be your best choice, click here.

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We are pleased to name Travis the Employee of the Month for May. Many residents know him as the leader of ceremonies for the singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ in the Dining Room. “I just love helping to make people feel special on their birthday,” Travis noted. “Everybody knows that when I clap my hands, its somebody’s birthday. I think of our residents as my own grandma or grandpa.” Behind the scenes, Travis has an incredible work ethic and is always willing and able to pick up new skills from Executive Chef, Jay Workman and other staff. “Before coming here four years ago, I hadn’t worked in a restaurant but I really enjoyed it from the beginning because of the people here. The staff has been so helpful to me and the residents are also so encouraging. I just love it here,” he added.
Born and raised in Tulsa, Travis graduated from Nathan Hale High School. He grew up hanging out at B.C. Franklin Park where he learned to play Chess. “I actually still play as much as I can. These days it’s mostly on my phone but the computer is a little slow for me,” he said with a smile. Travis is has also been into weightlifting for quite a few years and regularly goes to Planet Fitness with fellow chefs Robby and Anthony.

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As people age, it becomes more common that they will choose to move, whether houses or even cities. The draw to move comes from several different motivators, some of the happier motivators being choosing to live closer to grandchildren or other family members, or the more challenging motivators, such as coming to the realization that a beloved home is simply too much work to maintain. In any situation, there are many challenges, especially psychologically, to overcome as the transition is made, thanks to Here are some common stumbling blocks, as well as some ways to help.

  • But the house is like ‘part of the family!’ For many seniors, especially those who have lived in the same house for many years, there is a sentimental connection with the home. As the question comes about whether or not to make a move, for those who have the memories of their children growing up in the house, or the memories of a life together with a beloved spouse intensifies the connection felt. This connection is normal, and very common. It is okay to love your house, and it is also okay to move on. The act of moving itself does not erase the many happy memories.
  • It is too much work to move. The thought of packing up all the belongings in your house can be daunting. Looking around at the many items collected over the years and choosing which to donate, throw away, or bring along can be frustrating and overwhelming. To help with this first step in the process, certain companies specializing in downsizing homes have found that it can be helpful to first choose where to go and what to bring with you, and even move in to your new home before returning to clear out the house and sell it. By dealing with all the things left in the house after the initial move, the process can be made much easier!
  • I am comfortable enough here – why should I go someplace unfamiliar? This protest is also a common one, and one that has a somewhat simple answer: as long as you or your loved one is being cared for and is not in any sort of danger, it is ultimately your choice to move or not move! However, it should be noted that if you recognize that there could be benefit to moving, it is worth a second look. Although a new home may not be familiar, there can be many benefits in the end, making the move worth it.

With these tips, we hope that some of the thoughts behind moving as a senior can be identified a little bit clearer for you or your loved one. Exploring your options for moving, even before making a final decision to move, can be incredibly beneficial to help envision and prepare ahead of time. Country Club of Woodland Hills retirement community offers tours of our retirement communities to give you a glimpse of life at our community. Connect with us at or by calling us at (918)252-5451

If you believe you or your loved one is ready to begin looking at assisted living facilities, contact us here to learn about luxury senior living and assisted living Tulsa.

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A Conversation with Mary Wolff, Cardinals Fanatic.

How did this love for Cardinals baseball start? My father, long before he ever knew I’d live in St. Louis, would sit around with the fellas in Nebraska and talk about the team. Then, when I got married, my husband was a big Browns fan and he went into mourning when the Browns left St. Louis but he still never cheered for the Cardinals. I think that may have spurred me on to be an even bigger fan.
Have you been to many games? Oh, of course! I went as a kid and then when my kids were in school, they used to get “Straight A Tickets” which were free tickets that they gave out to kids with good grades. I think it was a genius move by the franchise because my kids are still die-hard fans today because of their experiences at those games. Also, the company I worked for while my husband was in grad school held a large amount of stock in Busch Beer and if we bought tickets through them, we could leave work for an afternoon game on a workday.
Favorite player? Stan Musial was a big star. There has never been another one like Stan. And he was more than just a great player on the field. I heard stories from friends who lived next door to him before he made it big and also in the paper about how he was a great man.
How is the team looking this year? They are going to do well this season. They’re not red hot at the moment but they could get there with the team they’ve put together.

If you are looking to learn more about assisted living Jenks active adult communities, we can help! At Country Club of Woodland Hills we offer exceptional options for your retirement living. Contact us today!

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Country Club of Woodland Hills is full of fun activities everyday – watch our video below to see some of the recent highlights of our community activities.






Contact us here to discover all you need to know about adult communities or luxury retirement communities, including information about assisted living Broken Arrow.

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This September will mark eleven years that Ann has been on the CCWH team. Ann learned the value of loyalty growing up in her family with four brothers and six sisters. They always stuck by each other and most of them played basketball for Coweta High School. “I was a pretty good guard on my High School team and me and my family still play pick-up games at family reunions,” she notes. Ann started her professional career as an EMT with the Coweta ambulance service. After a few years as an EMT, she needed a change of pace. She completed her CMA certification and started working in senior living which she has been doing in the nearly 50 years since. Her passion for her work was contagious and she eventually encouraged her mother and sister to join her as a CMA. “I love my work here. These residents are my friends and I get really attached to them and their families,” Ann points out. “I tell everyone that this is my second home.”
“While Karin was away for over a month, Ann stepped in and directed the Residential Care staff very well,” says Executive Director Trish Behrens. Along with this, we recognize Ann’s enthusiasm for life, her emphasis on loyalty, and her natural ability to care for the people around her and we are proud to name her the Employee of the Month for April 2017.

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What is mindfulness?

According to, mindfulness is an ancient practice from Eastern Cultures which has spread rapidly through the entire world. While it was originally used for religious purposes, the benefits of this practice have enabled it to explode beyond its original purpose and expanded in practices. Oftentimes, mindfulness is used as a technique by counselors, leading people to acceptance of emotions and liberating negative thoughts.

Why is mindfulness beneficial?

Mindfulness practice offers a technique for emotional regulation and relaxation.Mindfulness also allows you time to focus on deep, sustained breaths, eliminating excess noise, and lowering stress levels. For seniors specifically, it can help defeat the fatalism that some may feel in regards to changing themselves or their situation. It can also help in the case of feeling plagued by a sense of nostalgia, leading some seniors to be more present in the current moment and lessening the feelings of depression.

How do you practice mindfulness?

There are many resources available begin learning mindfulness. A quick search on the internet can provide some free resources to begin practicing mindfulness, including Youtube videos. Your local library also may have access to mindfulness CDs or books. However, mindfulness is as simple as taking a moment in a quiet room, allowing yourself the time to take deep breaths, and letting your brain process thoughts, mentally filtering those which you allow and those you choose to let go of.

Mindfulness is only one practice with which you can improve your senior living. At Country Club of Woodland Hills retirement community we may be able to help you improve your senior living even further! We offer exceptional care in a friendly community of adults to meet your needs. Contact us at (918)252-5451 or to find out more or schedule a tour.

Contact us here to discover our senior housing communities, including continuing care retirement communities or assisted living South Tulsa.

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As one generation ages, the care of parents often falls to the responsibility of their adult children, resulting in what has been labelled child-parent role reversal, according to With this role-reversal, it naturally brings along a great deal of stress as new and unfamiliar responsibilities land in the lap of the adult child. Similarly for the parent, aging brings its own stress as health needs and capabilities change. In fact, retirement is listed as one of the top ten most stressful life events!

In the midst of all this stress, we would like to offer some ideas to help reduce stress and help improve the transition of child-parent role reversal.

  • Evaluate and plan accordingly. Not all seniors need around-the-clock skilled nursing care. Senior living communities can offer many different levels of care, from independent living in a community of senior adults to assisted living. Evaluating or helping evaluate the social, physical, and medical needs, as well as the finances of an ageing parent can help you find the best solutions.
  • Communicate with all family members involved. If there are multiple members of one family concerned with the care of a parent, there may also be many different opinions as to the best options for care. One sibling may believe that their parent is doing great while the other may be convinced that they are unsafe or unwell. Communication among all the people concerned is vital, including communication with the parent.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many resources available to caretakers when it comes to evaluating and identifying the needs, medical, social, physical, or otherwise. Senior Living Communities such as Country Club of Woodland Hills offer many different options for senior care in varying levels to best meet the needs of aging parents. Our staff has years of experience and can help advise on where your parent’s needs are best cared for.

With these steps, the daunting task of determining care for an aging parent is hopefully made a little bit easier. Of course, we are always here to help! Call us at (918)252-5451 or contact us here to get in touch with us and learn more about exceptional retirement living at Country Club of Woodland Hills. Our website can be found here at and can also be used as a valuable resource in determining your best options for senior care.

At our active adult communities and independent living facilities, we can help you get all the information you need to choose the right retirement facilities. Contact us here today!

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“It’ll be four years ago this summer that I came to Country Club,” says sweet and spunky resident, Margie Murray. “I love all the people here, both residents and employees are wonderful and you get the feeling like we’re all one great big family.” Since her first day here, Margie has taken advantage of all that there is to offer. She takes part in most every opportunity for exercise including Tai Chi, Yoga, Walk This Way and Chair Exercise as well as the Writing Club and many outings. “I believe it’s important to wake up every day with a renewed focus on caring for myself and caring for the people around me.” We are glad to have Margie here at Country Club.

Her journey began with a childhood in Palmyra, New Jersey, right across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. “It was during the Depression and my father worked two security jobs to provide for us,” she recalls. One of his jobs was at a grocery store and he was able to get a good deal on food so Margie and her two sisters never went hungry. “We used to play outside all the time. It would get pretty hot in the summer but the ice house would let us kids come in and cool off for a bit and give us ice chips,” she remembers. “We’d play tag and red rover until our parents would have to drag us back inside to eat or go to bed.”
In her early twenties, Margie and her friends would routinely dance on weekend nights and that is where she and Bill met. He came in with his friends and asked her to dance immediately. “I guess you’d call it love at first sight because six weeks later, I had an engagement ring on my finger and five months later, we were married on June 30th.” Bill finished engineering school at Drexel College and was offered a job at American Airlines in Tulsa. “Our honeymoon was spent travelling to Tulsa in our car that we packed full of all our belongings.” He signed on with the airliner on July 9th and would sometimes joke that he was married to Margie nine days longer than he was to American. Margie later started working as a secretary at American but had to quit when they became pregnant with their first of five children.
Motherhood opened up all kinds of doors for Margie’s interests, including that of sewing. As a young girl her grandmother taught her the basics of needlework with some simple projects but when Barbie, her only daughter was 9 or 10, Margie got the McCall’s pattern for a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Barbie loved her dolls so much that Margie started making them for friends and then selling them to others. Over the years, she started donating them to charities such as Emergency Infant Services, Salvation Army, Tulsa Boys Home and others and has lost count as to how many dolls she has made. Some of the dolls have been sold for quite a price. “One year the Infant Services auctioned the two dolls for $1000! I was so happy because I thought that would buy a lot of diapers,” Margie exclaimed. Margie is also the proud mom of Bill, Tom, Kenny, Dave, and Barbie and has ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

If you are interested in learning more about luxury senior living in a retirement community and continuing care retirement communities in the Tulsa area, contact us here.

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At Country Club of Woodland Hills, we work hard to make sure our residents have everything they need readily accessible to them.  Watch our latest Video Testimonial to hear from a Country Club resident and the daughter of one of our residents on their experiences here!






For more information on our luxury retirement communities, or our assisted living broken arrow community, and our assisted living Tulsa facilities, contact us here.

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