April Resident Spotlight: Mary Wolff

A Conversation with Mary Wolff, Cardinals Fanatic.

How did this love for Cardinals baseball start? My father, long before he ever knew I’d live in St. Louis, would sit around with the fellas in Nebraska and talk about the team. Then, when I got married, my husband was a big Browns fan and he went into mourning when the Browns left St. Louis but he still never cheered for the Cardinals. I think that may have spurred me on to be an even bigger fan.
Have you been to many games? Oh, of course! I went as a kid and then when my kids were in school, they used to get “Straight A Tickets” which were free tickets that they gave out to kids with good grades. I think it was a genius move by the franchise because my kids are still die-hard fans today because of their experiences at those games. Also, the company I worked for while my husband was in grad school held a large amount of stock in Busch Beer and if we bought tickets through them, we could leave work for an afternoon game on a workday.
Favorite player? Stan Musial was a big star. There has never been another one like Stan. And he was more than just a great player on the field. I heard stories from friends who lived next door to him before he made it big and also in the paper about how he was a great man.
How is the team looking this year? They are going to do well this season. They’re not red hot at the moment but they could get there with the team they’ve put together.

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