Employee of the Month: Hope Winn

We are proud to name Hope Winn the Employee of the Month for March 2017. Hope has been on the Residential Care staff since the beginning of last year and she consistently serves residents with a positive attitude and contagious smile. “I love being here and I love hearing stories from the residents,” Hope notes. “One of my favorite things to do in general is to laugh and make people laugh.” Hope is the youngest of six, three of whom were born in the same year. “My sisters Faith and Charity were twins born in January and I came along in December.” Hope is a graduate of Union High School and has attended Victory Christian Church since 2010. She has been a member of a church group called “Armed & Dangerous” which encourages women to take up the armor of God. And she was the assistant director of Women Empowerment Solutions, a nonprofit organization in Tulsa that produces Biblically-based programs to help people throughout Oklahoma, especially women. “I have never worked so hard in my life but this is satisfying work,” Hope notes. “And I’m learning a lot about myself and pick up on life lessons from the residents and other staff here.”

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