Employee of the Month: Marion Burch

The 24th of this month will mark eight years that Employee of the Month Marion Burch has been on the team at Country Club. Dining Manager, Josh Ellard described all of our feelings well: “Marion is one of the most punctual and reliable people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She brings a lot of joy to our community.”
A native of the Tulsa area, Marion has a lot of family in town. “I have my family here at Country Club and I have my family at home too,” she noted. Marion is proud of her four kids and ten grandkids. “We love being together as a family. We all go to the park to play volleyball or basketball but most of them are much taller than me now,” she said. In addition to sports, she has a tradition of spending time doing puzzles with her grandkids. “When they got a certain age, I’d give each one a puzzle for us to work on. I get the simple kind but just get them motivated looking at shapes and sizes.”
Marion has always been close to seniors as well. “I always helped take care of my grandparents and now my mom is 85 and she does well but just needs a hand with a few things.” Marion is caring and attentive to the needs of all around her. We are so glad to have her on board at CCWH!

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