Exercise Your Mind

As we grow older, our health is a constant topic of conversations. Eating healthier, getting regular exercise and keeping up with necessary doctor’s appointments are all an important part of being healthy, but what about making sure your mind is healthy? Regular mental stimulation can help keep your mind sharp and on top of things. So what are some brain exercises you can do? Here is our list of some activities to try in order to keep you brain in tip-top shape thanks to seniorlivingmag.com


  • Dancing. Break out your boogie shoes! Dancing regularly, especially organized dancing such as ballroom dancing, line dancing, or swing dancing can possibly reduce the risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia by 76 percent!
  • Music. Remember being forced to practice the piano when you were a child? It turns out that playing an instrument can play an important part in building up your brain strength. Even listening to music has been shown to strengthen the brain. Break out your favorite old songs, or, even better, the old guitar or piano and practice, and even if it doesn’t sound great, you’ll still be doing your mind a favor.
  • Puzzles. Crossword puzzles, sudoku, and jigsaw puzzles are more than just a lovely way to spend an easy Sunday morning… they also stimulate your mental abilities to be a better problem solver! You can even start with the easy puzzles and work your way up… brain exercise does not always come easily.

There are many factors that go into making sure your mental faculties are strong – these practices are only a small part. But why not begin by making a change today? You may find yourself thankful for it in a few years. Some of the other factors that lead to a healthy mind is a commitment to good nutrition, regular positive social interactions, and a safe environment… all of which can be found at Country Club of Woodland Hills retirement community! Take a tour today of our beautiful community and see how we can help you improve your retirement living. Contact us here or visiting our website at ccwh-living.com

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