Meet Florene Hachenburg!

Through determination you can accomplish anything, is Florene Hachenberg’s motto! Having gone through a stroke a few years back, she has made a nice recovery. Doing chair yoga several times a week, Florene has seen some body improvement and plans to continue.

Florene was born at home on January 1, 1928, in the small town of Goltry, Oklahoma. She has an older brother and sister. Florene graduate from high school in Goltry, then went on to Alva to what was then known as the teachers’ college. She majored in home economics and minored in physical education. When Florene was a junior, she met her soon to be husband. They were married the next year. Because he had just returned from the service, he was one year behind her in college. Florene found her first teaching job in Cherokee, teaching the 4th grade while he finished college. Once college was over for her husband, they moved on to Kansas for better paying teaching jobs. Florene taught at Liberal, Kansas for 11 years until her husband was transferred to the Kansas City area. She then taught 1st grade in Olathe for 10 years until she retired. During that time, they started a family, having one daughter.

Florene and her husband were also very active with a travel group. She always told her husband that she didn’t want to go to other countries, because there was plenty to see right here. In her apartment at CCWH, she has a small picture of the USA with stars on it. The stars represent the places where they have been, not in a car but in their travel trailer. She said that when looking to the top of Rocky Mountain State Park, you can see horses grazing. When her daughter was small, before she was in school, Florene had pointed out the horses and said one day she wanted to walk that trail. When her daughter was a senior in high school, she was in the Liberal High School Band. Florene decided to build up her walking strength by practicing with her daughter as she walked for band practice, five miles every night. Florene’s promise to herself, to walk to the top of Rocky Mountain National State Trail, was about to come true! A friend, who they had camped with from the area, walked the trail with Florene and her daughter. They began at 8am on that morning, walked the lower level of the Rocky Mountain National State trail and made it to the top. Her legs didn’t even hurt! Through determination you can accomplish anything.

Florene’s daughter found CCWH for her, and Florene moved into CCWH sight unseen. She feels so comfortable here and is delighted to have someone else cooking for her! Florene expressed how friendly everyone is. She loves it here, and says that this is her home! Florene is a great addition to our CCWH family and we are so glad she has chosen to make Country Club her community!

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