Rosie has worked at Country Club since November of 2016, and according to her Supervisor, Rosie is a great person and is always there to help out. Rosie shares that she truly enjoys coming to work every day. She said that the residents make each day a good day. The atmosphere is positive and full of life, and a free lunch from the kitchen each day is an extra bonus.
Rosie has one daughter and two sons. They share a home with her sister and her two boys. All of her free time is spent with the kids. Their favorite activities to do together include hiking, basketball, attending band concerts, school carnivals and pretty much anything else the kids enjoy.
Rosie and her sister moved here from Colorado Springs, CO for a fresh start. The neighborhood they moved into happened to be down the street from CCWH. Soon, Rosie discovered Country Club was everything she was looking for!
Rosie says, “Thank you CCWH for this opportunity. I look forward to many more years with Country Club.”
Thank you for being YOU!

If you are debating whether it may be time for you or your loved ones to join an assisted living Jenks community, or simply make a transition to senior retirement homes, click here for more information on how our adult community may help.

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Aging brings it’s own set of challenges, one of which is loneliness. Loneliness creeps into our lives and can lead to isolation and even depressed feelings. Trying to form new relationships can seem intimidating and communities of like-minded people can be difficult. But do not despair! There are many people searching for the same sort of community in their retirement living as you are. We at Country Club of Woodland Hills retirement community would like to offer you some tips on how to build up a community wherever you are.

  • Volunteer: After retirement, you may be celebrating your newfound freedom from the daily grind of work. “Why would I want to volunteer to only do more work?” you may ask. The truth is, volunteering is much different than a normal job. If you can find an organization which you truly believe in, and select carefully the amount of time you work, volunteering is a fulfilling way to spend your time and meet new people. You may be amazed at how quickly friendships come to be while also making the world a little bit better.
  • Clubs: Even something as simple as a love for reading, a gift for knitting, or a common interest in playing pool can make a very fun group and an excellent community builder. People of all ages can share interests and connect with each other while also enjoying a favorite hobby. Keep an eye out for preexisting groups like these or start your own.
  • Exercise Classes: Physical fitness is important. Even better is having fun with friends while also exercising! There are many exercise classes specifically created with seniors in mind, meeting anywhere from local community centers to a nearby park. Exercise has never been so fun!
  • The Old Fashioned Way: Get to know the people around you. Neighborhoods seem to be increasingly isolating as people tend to enter and exit in a never-ending cycle of busyness and activities. Taking the time to be neighborly and bring over a small treat or say hello can help to break the ice.

Breaking out of our normal routines can be uncomfortable at times, but as the saying goes, “if you keep on doing the same thing, you can’t be surprised when you keep getting the same result.” Other options for defeating the loneliness include making a move to a retirement community full of friendly people to make you feel welcome – like Country Club of Woodland Hills retirement community. Our independent living community is filled with like-minded people who care about maintaining their independence while avoiding loneliness. Contact us to find out how your lifestyle can be improved at Country Club!

Are you searching for more information on independent living facilities? Discover our suggestions for your retirement community options, including information about assisted living, by clicking here.

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“It’s been interesting here,” Gayle Miller says of living at the Country Club. And that’s saying something considering her life experiences prior to her move. “I moved here a year and a half ago from Oklahoma City not knowing a soul and all you have to do is sit down with somebody new and all is well.” Anyone who has had the pleasure of sitting down with Gayle knows she is witty, wise and so very welcoming. Growing up in McAlester and OKC, Gayle loved to visit the Tulsa area on occasion. “I’ve always enjoyed the green and the trees and what I considered mountains until I went to Colorado and realized they were just hills,” she notes.

She says that she has two secrets that she kept from her lifelong friends in OKC: One is that she was always drawn to the landscape and culture of Tulsa. The other is that she is a big OSU fan, which you just can’t share openly in the Sooner saturated community of OKC. “Moving here was the best decision I could have made,” shares Gayle. “It’s been great for me and my family and I’ve had so much support and help that I wouldn’t have gotten staying at home.”

Gayle worked her way through Oklahoma City University with a number of jobs as a fashion model for some major stores in town, including Balliet’s. “It was so fun wearing these gorgeous clothes at style shows and at lunches every Friday. And I worked in the store in the summers,” she remembers. In the classroom, Gayle earned a double major in Business and Journalism. “I always liked to write, and I could write forever on pretty much anything even if I didn’t know much about it. This was especially helpful on essay tests,” she says with a wink. When she joined the Women’s Department at The Oklahoman out of college, she had the opportunity to write on a number of topics. “We had to fill up two full pages every day and then the Sunday paper was a full section and we had to stay up Thursday evening until it was done. It was an interesting time.” She went on to write features for the respected news provider and also joined a writers group in OKC and her work was found favorable in many competitions.

While at the paper, Gayle met and married Barney Miller, and had two wonderful children. When the kids were old enough, she enrolled at UCO, earned a Masters in Education with a certification in Library Science and became a school librarian. “It sounds dull as anything, but I enjoyed it all. I wasn’t just a librarian, I was an administrator, a teacher, a counselor.” Gayle has a talent for making the ordinary exciting. “My assistant and I did a video where I dressed up as ‘Dewey Decimal’ with a hat and mustache and everything,” she shares.

With the schedule of an educator, she and Barney took advantage of opportunities to travel in the summer. One of her favorite trips was a six week trip, three weeks in England and three in Spain. “Of course, I attended a seminar entitled Libraries in England at Oxford while Barney went to one on economics,” she notes. In their travels, the Miller’s always made time for enjoying the arts. She even had the chance to soak in a performance in England of The King and I starring Yul Brynner! They enjoyed seeing art galleries and these days her Cottage walls are decorated with all kinds of paintings, many of which Barney would pick out and bring home. We love having Gayle at CCWH!

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Since his first day working at the Country Club in 2013, Zach has been a productive and valuable member of the maintenance team. It is only fair that he be named the Employee of the Month for the fourth time. “I enjoy working here,” Zach noted. “What I like most is that there’s something new every day to figure out when it comes to updating and maintaining our property.” Zach views himself as a problem solver and has always been mechanically inclined. While attending Victory Christian School for high school, he started classes at Tulsa Tech for automotive service and did so well in those classes that he received scholarships to attend OSU Okmulgee. He excelled in his training and spent six years as an assistant manager at O’Reilly Auto Parts before joining our team. For July’s Date Night, Zach did an incredible job setting up different aspects of the event including the outdoor movie projector, screen and sound. This is just one example of Zach going the extra mile to make things great at CCWH. We are pleased to name him the Employee of the Month.

Contact us today to learn how your retirement living can improve. Country Club of Woodland Hills has the information you need about assisted living Jenks and active adult communities.

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The Writing Club has been so successful that it is expanding! Starting in July, there will be two classes offered: Memoir Writing Club at 6:00pm on July 10th and Fiction Writing Club at 6:30pm on July 24th in the Crystal Room.
Memoir Writing Club (6 pm): Each week, members receive a writing prompt to stir up their memories from the past. At home, the members write down their memories, related to that prompt, for their children and grandchildren to read. Then, they bring a condensed version (one typed page) to read to the class at the next meeting. During the past year, the members have written about their claims to fame, entertainment growing up, their first jobs, how they met their spouses, and so much more. It’s a fun time for all!
Fiction Writing Club (7 pm): Currently, this club is working on creating a children’s picture book from a memoir. We’ll examine how award-winning, published authors have already accomplished this and what makes these books so effective. We’ll discuss the role of the author and illustrator in picture book creation, how picture books are made, and the publishing industry today, Finally, we’ll discuss what makes a good critique group and how to critique each other’s work in a helpful, not hurtful way.
By the time we are done, we will have the text of at least one picture book that can be sent to a publisher for possible publication or to self-publish.

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Nearly everyone knows that they ought to be exercising. Doctors remind us that a “healthy lifestyle” included balanced nutrition in addition to consistent activity. But besides building strength and burning calories, researchers have found that at a cellular level, exercise may help to partially reverse aging! A study was conducted by researchers studying a group of 25 volunteers whose average age was 70. The volunteers spent one hour twice a week at the gym, and the study was completed after six months of strength training under the supervision of trainers and using standard gym equipment. While the researchers expected to find that the program increased strength, they found something extraordinary in addition. Their genes had changed to appear more like the genetic fingerprint of a younger person than what it had previously reflected.
All in all, the message from this study is clear: it is never too late to start to be active! Here are some of our suggestions for creative ways to begin a more active lifestyle. Be sure you stay safe and take it easy as you begin, and work your way up as your body gets used to extra activity.

  • Take a walk! Walking can be a good way to get your heart pumping and burn extra calories. When weather doesn’t allow for a walk outside, there are still plenty of other options if you think outside of the box. A large, indoor, public place, such as a mall, can be a great opportunity for exercise.
  • Video exercises. If you would rather stay in the comfort of your own home while you gain extra activity, exercising alongside a video is a great option! There are many different types of exercise videos to fit your abilities and interests.
  • Join some friends! Exercising alongside of a group of friends can make everything a lot more fun. Look for a class held at a local community center or gym that is especially for seniors, and join in on the fun!

At Country Club of Woodland Hills retirement community, we believe your health is priority. Our staff is committed to making sure your retirement living is suited to you, no matter what your needs may be. Contact us here learn more about how Country Club of Woodland Hills can help you!

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Betty Gatlin first learned to fish on a farm outside Claremore. She and her father, who ran the farm, would go out to the ponds almost every evening after a hard day’s work. “There were catfish and we’d catch perch and bass too,” Betty remembers. “He taught me everything I know. Early on, he said if I couldn’t bait the hook or take them off the hook, I couldn’t fish.” Betty and her father continued their angling ways through his later years, eating breakfast every Saturday morning and throwing casts in the afternoon. “It’s always been a great way for me to relax,” she says. After retiring, she and Carroll moved to Hot Springs Village where he golfed at least four times a week in front of the house and she’d spend the evenings on the dock behind.
The Gatlin’s have enjoyed retirement since finishing up their careers. “I decided that I wouldn’t wear a suit ever again after I retired unless I was headed to a wedding or a funeral,” Carroll notes. Growing up in Coffeeville working on farms outside town, his daily attire consisted of blue jeans. “I started hauling hay in the 7th grade at night because it was too hot during the day. I did whatever they needed me to do, whether that was moving rocks or hay or emptying out grain silos,” he recalls. After
graduating high school, Carroll served in the Army before coming to Tulsa to work for the city. As one of his jobs, Carroll took on assignments as a bodyguard. Amazingly enough, he worked with all the presidents aside from Bill Clinton and drove George Wallace around Tulsa when he was a candidate. He also spent a few days with the Mayor of Jerusalem while he was in town and guarded Elvis Presley nearly every time he played a show here. “He really was a nice guy,” Carroll noted about The King of Rock.
When he was guarding Bob Phillips of Phillips Petroleum, Carroll also filled another opening at Bob’s ranch south of town working with the horses. He grew up helping with his grandfather’s horses and it was a good way for him to unwind at the end of the day. Carroll and Betty and their four children also had their own ranch with horses at one time where they raised Palomino Quarter Horses. “It was a really great time for us and the kids,” they reminisced.
Since moving to Country Club, Carroll has been working his way through their paperback collection at considerable pace and Betty has enjoyed working with her flowers. “It was a transition coming from our home but we are glad to be here,” says Carroll. We are so grateful they have chosen Country Club.

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The 24th of this month will mark eight years that Employee of the Month Marion Burch has been on the team at Country Club. Dining Manager, Josh Ellard described all of our feelings well: “Marion is one of the most punctual and reliable people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She brings a lot of joy to our community.”
A native of the Tulsa area, Marion has a lot of family in town. “I have my family here at Country Club and I have my family at home too,” she noted. Marion is proud of her four kids and ten grandkids. “We love being together as a family. We all go to the park to play volleyball or basketball but most of them are much taller than me now,” she said. In addition to sports, she has a tradition of spending time doing puzzles with her grandkids. “When they got a certain age, I’d give each one a puzzle for us to work on. I get the simple kind but just get them motivated looking at shapes and sizes.”
Marion has always been close to seniors as well. “I always helped take care of my grandparents and now my mom is 85 and she does well but just needs a hand with a few things.” Marion is caring and attentive to the needs of all around her. We are so glad to have her on board at CCWH!

To schedule a tour with us to discover more about continuing care retirement communities in the Tulsa area or luxury senior living at a retirement community, contact us here.

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