We are proud to name Hope Winn the Employee of the Month for March 2017. Hope has been on the Residential Care staff since the beginning of last year and she consistently serves residents with a positive attitude and contagious smile. “I love being here and I love hearing stories from the residents,” Hope notes. “One of my favorite things to do in general is to laugh and make people laugh.” Hope is the youngest of six, three of whom were born in the same year. “My sisters Faith and Charity were twins born in January and I came along in December.” Hope is a graduate of Union High School and has attended Victory Christian Church since 2010. She has been a member of a church group called “Armed & Dangerous” which encourages women to take up the armor of God. And she was the assistant director of Women Empowerment Solutions, a nonprofit organization in Tulsa that produces Biblically-based programs to help people throughout Oklahoma, especially women. “I have never worked so hard in my life but this is satisfying work,” Hope notes. “And I’m learning a lot about myself and pick up on life lessons from the residents and other staff here.”

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“In those days, we bicycled everywhere,” Beth remembers about her childhood in Ponca City. “There just weren’t as many cars so it was no problem for me and my friend to bike to the gym.” Beth’s father was the head bricklayer for the company and her eldest sisters eventually worked there as well. “During the summer days we would go swimming in the indoor pool, then play badminton and if we still had time, we’d roller skate for a while before heading home.”

By the time Beth was at Ponca City HS (or ‘Po High’), she had recognized her natural eye for art and was a part of the Art Club.  After graduation, she took classes at Oklahoma College for Women in Chickasha with a major in art. “I never really was a classical painter or anything like that but I loved the design and arrangement aspect of it,” she points out. And design she did. On her return to Ponca, she worked as a display artist for a shop downtown. And it was while she was working there that she met her husband Jim. He and his   brother and father had a furniture business and after they married, Beth became the buyer for the gift, accessories, and bed and bath departments of the store.

Throughout her sixty years in Ponca City, she was always involved in community activities as well. “I loved being a part of the 20th Century Club,” she   recalls. “When the city was putting up a vote on whether or not to buy the Marland Home, I worked there day and night as a docent giving tours of the home.” The Marland Home was a special place to Beth and Jim. His uncle actually owned the home early in their marriage and they would play bridge there often. “I remember loving to play there because we and the other couple could bring our kids and each one could have their own bedroom to take a nap in so they wouldn’t wake each other up.” Thanks to the efforts of Beth and other Ponca citizens, the Marland Home is now owned by the city and is a great piece of Oklahoma history to visit.

After Continental closed their offices in Ponca, the local economy took a dive and the Paris’s moved to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. They enjoyed their time there, but it had always been Beth’s dream to live in New Mexico. So after many years of driving through the area on their vacations to the West, they settled down in Las Cruces and built their home in a small community going up in the foothills. “We did have to watch for rattlesnakes out there but that was far outweighed by the beauty of the sky and landscape there.” While in their desert home, Beth went through a Master Gardener course offered at New Mexico State. Their eight years there were a great adventure but in August 2014 they moved to Tulsa to be closer to their three children (Lynne, Leslie and Chip).

Beth now lives in one of the Country Club Cottages. “I like working in my garden but my   neighbors, especially Logan and Joyce Boltz really outdo me,” she says with a smile. Beth is also a fan of the Walk This Way exercise class and values the convenience of meals and transportation. We are so honored that she has chosen to make the Country Club her home.

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Are you wondering what retirement living at Country Club of Woodland Hills has to offer you? One of the many advantages of life at Country Club of Woodland Hills is easy access to delicious, nutritious food. Watch our video below to hear more!

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Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Jeana Gipson lived on a nature conservation of prime forests. She has three older brothers and a twin sister. Much of her childhood was spent exploring the woods, which were inhabited with deer, red fox and quail. She also enjoyed finding arrowheads and Indian paint pots, which were abundant on the island. At thirteen, her family moved to California. She loved to travel, acquiring the nickname “Little Gypsy.” She has been to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, three quarters of the United States and also Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland. Even though Jeana has an education in the dental and pharmaceutical fields, she always found herself more fulfilled working for the generation before her. She enjoys helping residents in the Housekeeping department and hearing about their lives and all they went through. We are proud to have her on the CCWH team and to name her the Employee of the Month for February 2017.

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Facilitating care sometimes feels like walking around in the dark. It can be very difficult to discern the best care options for aging loved one or yourself. Something that can help you to get off on the right foot in your decisions is to make a list deciding between some things that are “needs” and some things that are “wants.”
What is the difference between a “want” and a “need?” Needs are made up of the basic necessities to human life: Sleep, shelter, water, food, and air. In addition to these, certain medical condition may add medications or medical procedures. However, preferring to drink only bottled water rather than clean, filtered tap water can be more accurately described as a “want.” Similarly, it is important to remember that some preferences, while ideal, are not needs, especially when it comes to senior care. Family caretakers often find themselves neglecting their own basic needs while attempting to meet their loved one’s expectations in regard to their wants, damaging the caretaker’s own mental, emotional, and physical health. If this becomes the case, care declines and, rather than being beneficial, becomes damaging to both the caretaker and the person in their care. Taking a step back to define what the needs are and what the wants are becomes incredibly important.
If you believe a senior living community may be the best choice for you or your loved one, keeping a list of needs vs. wants in mind is also vital. One suggestion is to take a piece of paper and draw two columns. In one, write “needs”. In the other, write “wants”. Ask yourself some of the following questions, and sort your answers between the two columns according to preference and necessity:

  • What are my nutritional needs? Do I need to follow a specific diet? Can this senior living community help me to meet those needs?
  • What do I need in regards to my living space? How much space do I really need? Is it important for me to keep a pet? Do I need help with housework? How does this senior living community answer each of these questions and help me meet my needs?
  • What are my medical needs? Do I need help with my medical care? Do I need regular visits from a healthcare professional? What do others say about how this community helps to meet their medical needs?

Country Club of Woodland Hills retirement community is available and ready to help guide you through your decisions regarding your senior living. We care about meeting your needs and providing you with the best care possible. Visit our website at ccwh-living.com or call us at (918)252-5451 to learn more and schedule a tour at our community.

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“Growing up, Dad used to say we ate beans and potatoes for Monday and potatoes and beans for Tuesday, then cheese and macaroni for Wednesday and macaroni and cheese for Thursday,” Country Club resident, Flynn Phillips said about his youth during the Depression. Flynn lived with his parents and older brother and sister near Sand Springs then and he was old enough to know that times were tough for everybody. His family was fortunate that his father had a job through those years working for Vandevers Department Store with appliances and later in the downstairs post office. In fact, the whole family worked there in different departments during peak times like the holidays.
Flynn spent much of his spare time in his youth playing pool at Doc’s Poolhall underneath the Tulsa World offices Downtown. “It was a great place for us boys even though Doc would have to kick us out every now and then when the police were on their way to make sure there wasn’t anyone there under 21. I think Doc had a friend in the police who would tip him off.”
It was outside of the poolhall that Flynn met Barbara in 1951. They started dating and when Flynn received his draft notice in 1952 and went to Camp Roberts (CA) for basic training, they kept in touch through letters. On August 15th, he boarded a troop ship headed to Pusan, Korea and joined M Company, 160th Regimental Combat Team, 40th Infantry Division. He was a radio operator and among other battles, vividly remembers Christmas Eve 1952 when it was 25 degrees with 20 inches of snow on Heartbreak Ridge. Flynn was thankful to return to the States in 1953 and was released from active duty on November 28th of that year but not before he and Barbara married on November 20th. They had continued to write each other throughout his time in Korea.
He had graduated from Central before the war and returned to a job at Maloney Crawford in Tulsa. He took courses at Oklahoma A&M in Okmulgee and was hired by CE Natco after finishing his studies in 1957. He spent the next 28 years working at Natco and took an early retirement in 1985. With his spare time, Flynn and Barbara attended M Company reunions all over the US. “We went to DC, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, San Antonio, New Orleans and many others. It was good to get together with those guys. We had a special bond that is only found between combat veterans,” Flynn recalls.
After 57 wonderful years together, Barbara passed in 2010. And in August of 2015, Flynn moved into the Country Club. “I have really enjoyed being here. I like the security and stress free life and the management and staff are all so friendly,” he pointed out. We are so glad that Flynn has chosen to make the Country Club of Woodland Hills his home.

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Have you ever wondered about the difference between various options for long-term senior care? Let us help! This infographic, provided by assistedlivingfacilities.org and skillednursingfacilities.org lays out some of the big differences between the two.

































































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Ted Gipson has been on the maintenance staff at CCWH since April 2012. He brings a pleasant and self-assured attitude to the team and is dedicated to achieving the best results. Before coming to CCWH, Ted spent over twenty years working on custom homes in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. His skills were utilized on the houses of QuikTrip executives, ex-Mayors and even Gerald Ford’s daughter.
Ted has worked with a lot of exceptional people and notes that CCWH is no different. “I have a lot of respect for the residents here,” he reflects. “They are a great group of people,” says Ted, “Every generation should have an appreciation for the one before.” Ted is the proud father of three girls, and he also has three grandchildren and one great-grandchild and it is with them that he spends much of his spare time.
Ted is a man of many talents who cares about the work that he does and the people that he works with. We are glad to name him the Employee of the Month for January 2017.

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What is the Sandwich Generation? Beyond visions of creamy peanut butter and bread, the “Sandwich Generation” is a term, growing in its usage, related to the increasing number of people who are caught between the needs of multiple generations; those caring for their own children or grandchildren while simultaneously caring for their aging parents. While research has found that interaction between multiple generations is incredibly beneficial, family caregivers feeling pressed by needs of all those both younger and older, leading to tension and chaos. According to Carol Abaya, a journalist and speaker, two different types of living arrangements may be found within the “Sandwich Generation”: First, the “Traditional Sandwich,” where one is torn between caring their aging parents and their own children, or second, the “Club Sandwich”, where all three, or even four, generations are found living under the same roof. Either way, the primary caregiver, or caregivers, are left to attempt to figure out how to balance all those involved, without neglecting one or the other.
In balancing the varying needs of multiple generations, we would like to offer a few tips to benefit family caregivers in their juggling act. Here are our suggestions to minimize the impact of living in a Sandwich Generation-type situation:

  1. Meet with other family members who can help out. Dividing a seemingly impossible task into bite-sized pieces among several different people can help make a to-do list much less daunting. Regular checking-in to make sure it is working is key, as well as being open to input and ideas from those who can help. Delegating responsibility, even down to the smallest members of the family, will ensure that no task gets left undone.
  2.  Set aside time to rest, recharge, and reconnect. Oftentimes caregivers are so consumed with completing all that needs to be done that they will forget to take time for themselves or their loved ones, damaging relationships and their own motivation. Setting aside time for catching up with friends, spending one-on-one time with children, or a date night with a spouse will remind them that they are not forgotten and refresh the caregiver.
  3.  Know when to ask for help. Sometimes, the pressures of caring for many different people is simply too much. Admitting that the needs of those around you is more than you can handle is not a sign of failure or of weakness. Look around and discover some of the many resources available to you and your loved ones and be open to exploring them as they may end up benefitting you and your family greatly.

Of course, if you want more information about senior care, our team at Country Club retirement community is always available as a resource for you and your family. Contact us at (918)252-5451 or at ccwh-living.com to speak with one of our team members and schedule a tour of our community.
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What makes our retirement community so special? Watch our video for testimonials about why they chose Country Club of Woodland from people who really know.

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