Resident Spotlight: Carolyn Boyle

Carolyn was born in Mobile, AL, although her family only lived there for a short six weeks of her life. Her father traveled in his business and when she was 2 years old, they were staying in a hotel where Guy Lombardo and his orchestra were the entertainment in the dining room. At one point, she was taken to the stage and Mr. Lombardo gave her his baton and allowed her to direct his musicians! This “took” and from that point music was her goal in life. Her life has revolved around singing (opera, musicals, TV, supper clubs and church) teaching and directing. She has taught music to all grades and has supervised teachers to music Education Majors at the University of Florida. She says the highlight of her teaching career was directing a group of students on the stage of Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.
When she was 12 years old the family moved to New Orleans where she graduated from high school. When she was 15 years old and a senior in high school, she was asked to perform with a fine, 23 year old tenor. They immediately became a duo on and off stage. They married two years later and graduated from North Texas State University. Since he worked for the Federal Government, they lived in many different states. They shared fourteen years of marriage and three beautiful daughters.
Carolyn remarried in 1974. She and Bill lived in Florida and Colorado before retiring to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Regretfully, Bill passed four years ago from Alzheimer’s.
Though “sudden hearing loss” was a shock to Carolyn a few months ago, she continues to direct a small chorus of ladies. She is looking forward to a cochlear implant that seems to be likely in the near future.
Since Carolyn has a daughter in Tulsa, she moved here three years ago. She also has a daughter in Seattle and one in Rome, Italy.
With nice neighbors and a full schedule of activities, her cottage at Country Club has become home. Carolyn is a great addition to our Cottage Neighborhood!

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