Resident Spotlight: Flynn Phillips

“Growing up, Dad used to say we ate beans and potatoes for Monday and potatoes and beans for Tuesday, then cheese and macaroni for Wednesday and macaroni and cheese for Thursday,” Country Club resident, Flynn Phillips said about his youth during the Depression. Flynn lived with his parents and older brother and sister near Sand Springs then and he was old enough to know that times were tough for everybody. His family was fortunate that his father had a job through those years working for Vandevers Department Store with appliances and later in the downstairs post office. In fact, the whole family worked there in different departments during peak times like the holidays.
Flynn spent much of his spare time in his youth playing pool at Doc’s Poolhall underneath the Tulsa World offices Downtown. “It was a great place for us boys even though Doc would have to kick us out every now and then when the police were on their way to make sure there wasn’t anyone there under 21. I think Doc had a friend in the police who would tip him off.”
It was outside of the poolhall that Flynn met Barbara in 1951. They started dating and when Flynn received his draft notice in 1952 and went to Camp Roberts (CA) for basic training, they kept in touch through letters. On August 15th, he boarded a troop ship headed to Pusan, Korea and joined M Company, 160th Regimental Combat Team, 40th Infantry Division. He was a radio operator and among other battles, vividly remembers Christmas Eve 1952 when it was 25 degrees with 20 inches of snow on Heartbreak Ridge. Flynn was thankful to return to the States in 1953 and was released from active duty on November 28th of that year but not before he and Barbara married on November 20th. They had continued to write each other throughout his time in Korea.
He had graduated from Central before the war and returned to a job at Maloney Crawford in Tulsa. He took courses at Oklahoma A&M in Okmulgee and was hired by CE Natco after finishing his studies in 1957. He spent the next 28 years working at Natco and took an early retirement in 1985. With his spare time, Flynn and Barbara attended M Company reunions all over the US. “We went to DC, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, San Antonio, New Orleans and many others. It was good to get together with those guys. We had a special bond that is only found between combat veterans,” Flynn recalls.
After 57 wonderful years together, Barbara passed in 2010. And in August of 2015, Flynn moved into the Country Club. “I have really enjoyed being here. I like the security and stress free life and the management and staff are all so friendly,” he pointed out. We are so glad that Flynn has chosen to make the Country Club of Woodland Hills his home.

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