Resident Spotlight: Margie Murray

“It’ll be four years ago this summer that I came to Country Club,” says sweet and spunky resident, Margie Murray. “I love all the people here, both residents and employees are wonderful and you get the feeling like we’re all one great big family.” Since her first day here, Margie has taken advantage of all that there is to offer. She takes part in most every opportunity for exercise including Tai Chi, Yoga, Walk This Way and Chair Exercise as well as the Writing Club and many outings. “I believe it’s important to wake up every day with a renewed focus on caring for myself and caring for the people around me.” We are glad to have Margie here at Country Club.

Her journey began with a childhood in Palmyra, New Jersey, right across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. “It was during the Depression and my father worked two security jobs to provide for us,” she recalls. One of his jobs was at a grocery store and he was able to get a good deal on food so Margie and her two sisters never went hungry. “We used to play outside all the time. It would get pretty hot in the summer but the ice house would let us kids come in and cool off for a bit and give us ice chips,” she remembers. “We’d play tag and red rover until our parents would have to drag us back inside to eat or go to bed.”
In her early twenties, Margie and her friends would routinely dance on weekend nights and that is where she and Bill met. He came in with his friends and asked her to dance immediately. “I guess you’d call it love at first sight because six weeks later, I had an engagement ring on my finger and five months later, we were married on June 30th.” Bill finished engineering school at Drexel College and was offered a job at American Airlines in Tulsa. “Our honeymoon was spent travelling to Tulsa in our car that we packed full of all our belongings.” He signed on with the airliner on July 9th and would sometimes joke that he was married to Margie nine days longer than he was to American. Margie later started working as a secretary at American but had to quit when they became pregnant with their first of five children.
Motherhood opened up all kinds of doors for Margie’s interests, including that of sewing. As a young girl her grandmother taught her the basics of needlework with some simple projects but when Barbie, her only daughter was 9 or 10, Margie got the McCall’s pattern for a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Barbie loved her dolls so much that Margie started making them for friends and then selling them to others. Over the years, she started donating them to charities such as Emergency Infant Services, Salvation Army, Tulsa Boys Home and others and has lost count as to how many dolls she has made. Some of the dolls have been sold for quite a price. “One year the Infant Services auctioned the two dolls for $1000! I was so happy because I thought that would buy a lot of diapers,” Margie exclaimed. Margie is also the proud mom of Bill, Tom, Kenny, Dave, and Barbie and has ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

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