The Country Club Writing Club Expands!

The Writing Club has been so successful that it is expanding! Starting in July, there will be two classes offered: Memoir Writing Club at 6:00pm on July 10th and Fiction Writing Club at 6:30pm on July 24th in the Crystal Room.
Memoir Writing Club (6 pm): Each week, members receive a writing prompt to stir up their memories from the past. At home, the members write down their memories, related to that prompt, for their children and grandchildren to read. Then, they bring a condensed version (one typed page) to read to the class at the next meeting. During the past year, the members have written about their claims to fame, entertainment growing up, their first jobs, how they met their spouses, and so much more. It’s a fun time for all!
Fiction Writing Club (7 pm): Currently, this club is working on creating a children’s picture book from a memoir. We’ll examine how award-winning, published authors have already accomplished this and what makes these books so effective. We’ll discuss the role of the author and illustrator in picture book creation, how picture books are made, and the publishing industry today, Finally, we’ll discuss what makes a good critique group and how to critique each other’s work in a helpful, not hurtful way.
By the time we are done, we will have the text of at least one picture book that can be sent to a publisher for possible publication or to self-publish.

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